How does this work?

Our Facilities operate like a laundromat and utilizing car wash equipment to deliver a mixture of water and soap through a handheld showerhead.


What are your Hours?

Both locations are open 24 hours a day 365 days a year. Doors never lock. When arriving in the evening, the lights will be out and a red glow will be apparent. But as soon as you open the door the lights will come on and the facility comes alive and will be ready for use.


What do you mean comes alive?

Once entering you will hear an automated message, it has instructions and important information.


How Much does it cost?

Both locations operate using self-service car wash equipment, insert cash or card. The minimum charge is on each coin box. With the initial price, you will receive that many minutes of wash time. Turn the knob for selection of, tub cleaner (for before and after the wash), four soaps; pet shampoo, de-skunk-er (for smelly dogs), oatmeal, and veterinarian for fleas and ticks, along with conditioner and a two-speed blow dryer.

The stalls offer the same setup, at different prices.


What should I bring?

It is suggested that one brings a brush, brush your little buddy before the wash, there is no need to wash dead fur.

If your buddy doesn’t like blow dryers, bring some towels.