How It Works

Pet Wash 24 locations are designed to offer a clean convenient way to bathe your pet and avoid the aftermath associated with bathing at home. We see more dogs than cats on our security feeds, but we have seen a kitten and even a pot belly pig.

We operate like a laundromat and use car wash equipment to provide economical and convenient experiences for our guests. Since Pet Wash 24 is open 24/7 and is unmanned, we have installed at least 5 security feeds covering every square inch of the facility. Besides ensuring your safety during the bath, it also helps prevent vandalism, mischief, and overnight unwanted guests. If the lights are out, just open the door, the lights come on and the room comes alive.

When you enter the facility, you will hear an automated greeting and see a few different stations. There is a large stall for large dogs and a raised tub for dogs able to go up the ramp. The price is posted, currently it is $18.00 for the tub and $19.00 for the stall. This is the starting price; we accept cash or credit. With cash it’s $1.00 per minute and the cycle ends at the end of the expenditure initial time is reached. Credit is a little different. (IMPORTANT) With credit the timer starts, and the credit card is charged until you stop the charging by pushing the green button to complete the wash cycle and end your charges. So, push the green button at the end of the wash or you might be charged as much as $35.00.

We do not offer any grooming or grooming equipment, we do have a Far Infrared Therapy Center to provide a warm, drying station that provides Vitamin D and helps arthritic problems in your little buddy. Vitamin D is often deficient in dogs kept inside.

Before you leave everyone is expected to pick up your dog’s fur from the drains of the tub and the floor, put it in a bag, found on the wall, and deposit it in the trash OUTSIDE when you leave.