At Pet Wash 24, the power is in your hands! We offer a facility that is open 24×7 365 days a year. We don’t close for snow or holidays. Our busiest times are 2 PM to 4 PM on weekends when most people using dog parks are going home. We operate like a laundromat with no employees on the premises. We have vending machines, and we change the products out often. All we ask is that you help tidy up the space when you are all done! This helps us keep our fees low.

We offer both an elevated tub with a ramp and a shower stall so everyone has an option that suits their pet’s needs. The elevated tub is perfect for small-to-medium breeds, while the shower stall is ideal for larger dogs or aging ones who may be unable to climb a ramp. No matter what size, breed, or age your dog may be, we have what they need to get clean.

Once your pet has been washed, feel free to guide them over to our infrared therapy center. The infrared rays have been shown to help soothe their joints, coats, and skin. Dry them off here, vacuum up the fur, and head on your way with your clean and happy pet. With no appointments necessary, we welcome you in anytime! We’ll see you soon.